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How To Turn A One Time Buyer Of A Wholesale Social Dress Into A Lifetime Customer

You know how much customers love looking and buying your wholesale dresses. Your customers eagerly await every shipment that arrives in your boutique from your New York wholesale supplier. They have come to eagerly anticipate buying your BCBG elegant dresses. But although you have a popular shop, you sense that you might be missing out on an important opportunity.

You see, while you do have a strong clientele basis of professional women spending good money in your store, they usually only buy once in a while, which means that you have to work at continuously finding new customers.

But what if you could convert those infrequent shoppers into long term steady buyers?

You would definitely sell more of your high end dresses this way.

So how do you accomplish having your shoppers buy from you more often?

You need to implement sales strategies that encourage them to buy on a regular basis. Below are tips that can help you accomplish this profitable goal.

Dress Sale Tip #1

Offer a membership program. For a small annual payment your customers will be entitled to receiving a 5% discount on all purchases. Make sure the membership fee is low enough to encourage your shoppers to purchase it, while at the same time high enough that it motives them to buy enough dresses to recover the cost of its. Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, both implement this strategy to earn the loyalty of their customers.

Dress Sale Tip #2

Have a monthly selection subscription plan in your store. For a recurring charge to their credit card you can select special dresses for them that fit their specifications. For example, if your customer is a Nigerian government employee that likes Tahari dresses in conservative colors, in size 14, you would select and deliver a Tahari dress to her every month that met the above requirements. You would set up the details with your customers, since each lady will have different preferences. One shopper might be willing to take any dress you recommend in a given color, while some might only want one by a brand such as Calvin Klein or Nine West.

Dress Sale Tip #3

Offer an incentive for her to make her next purchase. If you want to ensure that your shop in Kenya can enjoy more repeat shopping trips from your customers, you can try this approach. Every time a shopper buys from you give her a coupon for a 5% discount towards her next purchase. She can either use the coupon right away or accumulate them until she can save 100% of the price of the Jones New York office dress.

Dress Sale Tip #4

Become a preferred supplier to a company. For example, if you have a fancy boutique in Botswana that is located near the corporate offices of Debswana, you can approach the management staff and offer to supply their executive staff with dresses at a special discount.

Management will like your offer since it is a free way for them to offer an added benefit to their employees. Your business will benefit since you will now have a market of customers that will think first of your shop when making their clothing purchases.

You can then post messages on the corporate board reminding Debswana employees of this week’s exciting wholesale designer shipment.

Dress Sales Tip #5

Always remind your shoppers of the benefits of buying from your store. If you are the only shop that carries American brand name dresses you want to remind your customers by using signs in your store, and through your advertising materials. Perhaps your store is the only business in Lagos that offers credit to Nigerian bankers. Or maybe you have an amazing connection with a wholesale showroom in the New York Garment District that is providing you with great closeout prices.

The better your fashionable store is at being able to market its benefits, the more it will be able to stand out in the marketplace, and will be able to experience a continuous sales volume.


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